Virtual and Hybrid Learning: Home Kits

Whether you're teaching virtually, adapting to a hybrid model, or teaching solely in person, we're all adjusting to the new normal. I for one have certainly been on a rollercoaster of emotions regarding this new norm, and I'm so grateful for the tips and tricks from colleagues and other teachers on the internet.

Something that I'm EXTREMELY excited about in my own classroom are these "Home Kits" I've made for math and language. They're my best attempt (so far) at helping to engage my students during learning and provide them with the manipulatives they need to grow.

Here's what I've added to each. PS I put them all in a grocery bag for families at pick up and just put their names on a piece of bright cardstock and taped it to the front (nothing fancy AT ALL).

Take home folders

I swap between two at pick up and drop offs so that I'm able to prep work for students while they have their other folder at home, and its a great tool for keeping all their papers organized.

Math Home Kit

Two Dice

Twenty Unifix Cubes (10 of each color)

20 Target Mini Erasers

Dry Erase Marker

Numbers 1 - 20 Reusable Activity

Ten Frame

Ten Frame Workmats

Play Doh

Language Home Kit

I Can Write my First Name Sheet

I Can Write my First and Last Name Sheet

Sight Word Activities and Flash Cards

Personal Word Walls

Alphabet Linking Chart

Everything I've discussed is linked above and available to you. The name writing sheets are not available but are super easy to make. Just download Kimberly Geiswin's FREE font on TPT and use it to type each of your students names. Print it out and place it in a sheet protector and WAH - LAH!

What else are you adding to your students Home Kits?! Comment below!

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