Teaching Sight Words Virtually

Virtual learning aside, sight words can be a struggle. So add in the difficulty of virtual learning and the struggle is officially REAL. Mid January of this year, I decided it was time to give sight words some more love in my classroom to better support my students. These resources and ideas are the ones I've compiled. They have been helping tremendously in our classroom in helping my kindergarteners get ready to read. As always, a huge thanks to other teachers, teachergrammers, and teachers pay teachers creators for their ideas and contributions.

Snow ball fight

HANDS DOWN one of my students FAVORITE games this year (a huge thank you to Holly from Research and Play over on Insta)

We fold our papers into fours, write our sight words (sometimes we rainbow write first), crumble them up and have a snowball fight! I incorporate reading the words by yelling FREEZE. Then, students opened up their snow balls and unmute to read to the class.

Wheel of names

Go to www.wheelofnames.com and type in the words you want to practice, WAH LAH you have a fun and engaging sight word game. My students have to write the sight word once it comes up, and then quickly raise their hand to answer for a point.

There are also different settings for font, how the words are displayed, and what happens once the word is landed on so be sure to play around with the settings to find what best suites your class.

Memory and Hide and Seek Game

Quick, easy, editable, and engaging. Type in the sight words you need to focus on and have students play memory or hide and seek with this resource. If you have an abundance of cute clip art, this is something you can easily throw together on your own as well. Check out my "virtual" highlight on instagram for more tips.

Sticky Note Sight Words

Silly sight words get stuck on EVERYTHING. I've given some students a laugh in small reading groups by just randomly sticking sight words on my face and waiting for them to dramatically point it out. Just go on as if everything's normal and encourage them to give you detail (hint hint: read the word) about whats on your face since you can't see it!

Seesaw sight word activities

Theres not much to say about this, except for there are HUNDREDS of seesaw activities for sight words. Just type in the sight word you're looking for and I'm almost positive you will find it! This is also wonderful because you can differentiate after assessments, and assign words that individual students need to focus on. Just make sure you uncheck "all students" when you assign work. Then, reselect which students will be assigned that particular sight word.

Sight word hunt around house

One day, we did a sight word hunt around our home to find those sneaky little sight words hiding on everyday objects. My kiddos loved it, and I'm hoping it has encouraged them to seek out sight words/read everyday objects more frequently.

Sight word B-I-N-G-O

Sing a song to help your students memorize different sight words. We do our daily sight word song to the tune of BINGO. I typically have an anchor chart in school that we write on, but this worksheet comes in my sight word ready to read resource, and could easily be edited and screen shared for each daily sight word.

Movement with Sight words

GOALS for next year is to use sign language for EVERY sight word. As of right now only SOME of my sight words have motions. Here is a FREEBIE from TPT that has some motions, and some accurate sign language for sight words. I also have this resource saved for later in my amazon cart.

Choral read short stories made up of sight words

I've been using my CVC collections on GetEpic's website since they are loaded with CVC words and sight words. You can also type a sight word into your search, and it will give you different story options with that word in it.

I've also been using my read and write the pattern resource and sharing my screen to help with this activity.

Two word challenge (or 3, or 4)

So easy. Use flash cards, or just write, two or three sight words and have students come up with a sentence using the words.

FREE sight word games from flippity.com

This website has been a life saver. So many different options for sight word games. The sight gives you instructions to create your own games, or you can click my link here to play "build a snowman" with the sight words I use in my classroom.

The snow man melts as you guess incorrectly, but is slowly re-built with each correct guess! How cute?!

I hope some, if not all, of these ideas can be adapted to your classroom and helpful in some way. Drop a comment to let me know your FAVORITE sight word idea!


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