Prep Optional: Kindergarten and First Grade Reading Centers

I'm back! With even more reading centers for both kindergarten AND first grade! I'm loving the flexibility that these centers offer. You can ultimately choose your level of prep with each of these activities and tailor them to your students and their needs. Here's how I use them!

**These centers were originally built to supplement American Reading Company's "The IRLA" and align with all Green Level Power Goals**

Blends tend to prove difficult for many of my kindergartners. Moving from individual sounds to blended sounds can be a bit tricky. I love this "puzzle piece" center that helps students to separate the blend from the entirety of the word, and uses clip art to assist students in determining the word ending.

You can either laminate these and have students place them together (I also included task box covers for each set of blends if you want to separate them/differentiate), or place the sheets in sheet protectors for students to read and write the words with dry erase markers.

My current LA/phonics curriculum doesn't focus on category words as sight words, but IRLA exclusively focuses on them as a power goal for K and 1 students. Because my students don't receive any lessons for category words from our curriculum, I love this quick and simple sorting center.

This game allows you to create a sensory bin and find matching sight words using the flip and find cards. All sight words are from IRLA 1G and 2G levels.

This next option for the "flip and find" brings me back to student teaching. I found some random idea to use an old orange juice bottle on a teacher blog. I made FOUR of them filled with rice for my "future classroom". Couldn't tell you where they are today, but they never did make it to any one of my classrooms.

Anyhow, even though I can't find the orange juice bottles, the ideas DID stick with me. The idea is, you flip a sight word card, and then shake the rice filled bottle to find the matching sight words.

As and extension, you can have students write the sight words they find on a white board, or write sentences on lined paper.

Another game option for sight words would be this "roll and read" game where students roll the clip art die and find the corresponding sight word on the sheet.

You can also print the cards instead and store them in task card boxes. I love using this as a warm up for reading groups.

Within the larger resource, you can also access an abundance of flash cards for blends and sight words. One way I love to use the blends flash cards (especially in one on one conferences) is to use sticky notes and create different words using the blends and endings.

All 1G and 2G sight words are included as well. In my opinion, flash cards are the GOAT because there are so many different games and activities you can play with them.

Two I love are shown above and below. Above shows one game where you can set a timer and pass the pointer between group mates to see how many sight words can be read. The teacher flips over sight words as the students read.

Below is a "spin the sight word" game. Just grab a marker and spin to read!

The larger resource also has task card box covers to keep everything organized!

Here are each of the resource covers for individual resource, as well as the larger resource which includes flash cards, task box covers, and a comprehension spinner. Click any to visit the resource on teachers pay teachers!

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