Helping Sight Words Stick!

Calling all primary teachers! Sight words are MAJOR in pre-k to second. I knew this going into my first year in kindergarten and wanted to have something in place to really help my students learn their sight words and help them stick. Here's how I did it...

I am always very conscious of which sight words will be introduced and at what pace throughout the year. Side note, I highly suggest a pacing plan for the year to help you map out your introduction of sight words. I love this pacing plan by Happy Hearts in First.

Anyhow, I wanted to create something that would go home with students to reinforce sight words. Ultimately, I wanted to reinforce good reading habits (after all that is WHY we are teaching these sight words!!)

So I created these sight word practice pouches, next year I'm calling them ready to read practice...has a nicer ring to it, if you ask me. I use large plastic envelope pouches and tape the student label on the inside of the front cover.

As we learn sight words at school, I send home two flash cards with that sight word so students can play games like memory, or go fish with parents. The flash cards are printed on colored card stock and cut with a paper cutter.

They also receive a writing practice page and a reading practice page each day that we learn a new sight word. For example.. on Mondays I sent home ALL of the new flash cards for that week, and label the worksheets for the day of the week they should be completed. I place flash cards in a plastic baggie, but they could also be hole punched and placed on a binder ring.

I also send home a list of fun ways to practice sight words at home so that their practice is fun, and doesn't get stale. I send home game options throughout the year. I always place the games inside of a sheet protector and all students receive a marker with a pom pom on the end of it as an eraser.

Parents receive a calendar to initial at least twice a week for practice.

I keep parents up to date with sight words that will be learned in the beginning of the year, month, and obviously weekly they see their new sight words in the pouches.

Students are tested on their sight words at the end of the month, and the assessment is sent home to parents in their pouches to sign and return.

I linked my at home and in class sight word practice resources below if you are loving this idea as much as I do. You can also click here for the full resource, and here for the FREEBIE!

Please let me know if you have any questions! I would love to see how you use these in your classroom, so tag me on social media @MrsSmithenwithTeaching!


A preview and contains the reading and writing practice pages for a few sight words.



The FULL resource with over 100 sight words, plus an editable page to add whatever sight word you need, games, assessment and parent sheets, and a sight word song.


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