Creating Confident Mathematicians with Math Fluency

Confidence is key for our math students. This is coming from someone who always struggled as a student and teacher with anxiety surrounding math. Helping our students with fluency is a mega step in helping them create confidence in their math skills.

It is so important to set aside time for math fluency (if not everyday, AT LEAST every week) AND there is more than one way to do it!

There are tons of ways to do this that including fun & community building activities, as well as individual assessments that can be geared to inspire student growth.

>Math Dashes and Chants

>Fact Fluency Games


>Incentive Charts


We aallllll remember math minutes from when we were in school. I HATED them. They stressed me out, but they were never presented to me in a fun, growth mindset type of way. The last school I taught at changed that for me. Math minutes, or math dashes (as I'm calling them) were presented as a fun challenge with room for growth rather than trying to obtain perfection.

My students came up with a math chant with their homeroom teachers to sing in order to get excited about completing their math dash worksheets. They sang as a class, then completed their worksheets. Then, they review their worksheets and marked how many they got correct. Finally, they got a second chance to improve their score and compare to see if their was any growth. Now, I use this same routine with my kinders and they love it! We do the actual worksheets once a week or once every two weeks.


This of course is not our only way of incorporating math fluency into our days. We also play a ton of math games to help us with fluency, too.

Check out my post on math fluency games here! (COMING SOON!!!!!!!)

XTRAMATH is a great website for students to use to practice their facts!


Try incentivizing math facts to encourage excitement around math fluency!

Find all of these resources in my MEGA math bundle for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division (also available for individual sale - links available on bundle's page).

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