Assessing Your Students Virtually

Scratching your head on the best way to access your students over virtually? I was, too, but I found an answer.

I'd call it more of a bandaid than a total fix, because as we all know, there is nothing quite like in person learning (and assessing).

So here's what worked for my littles:

Of course, before anything else, you'll have to make one on one meet times with your students. This works well for my school district and grade level because our afternoon is essentially office hours. So, I scheduled one student per every 30 minutes.

First, I reviewed our standards from this marking period (obviously). Then, I made a template for each standard that I would be assessing. For example, our classify and count template looked like this...

Within our one on one meetings I opened the templates in preview.

To save a template as a picture to be able to open in preview select all, then right click and choose save as picture.

I shared my screen so that the student could see the template and only the template. I also had PowerPoint open, and had a recording sheet (very similar to the template) open for me to take notes.

I have one master copy of the assessment recording sheets, and made a duplicate PowerPoint for each student so I could save their work.

In order to make a copy, select all the slides on the master recording sheets (click each while holding down command, then click command c)

Open a new presentation. Go to File - Page Setup - and type in 11 for width and 8.5 for height)

Rename a copy for each individual student. I saved them as initials in the marking period one assessment folder I made (along with the pictures that the students would be viewing!)

Here is an example of some of the student viewed templates and how I took notes on recording sheets

I used the highlighting tool on PowerPoint to better help me visualize.

Green = met the standard

Yellow = approaching the standard

Red = is not yet meeting the standard

For these two writing templates, I made sure students had white boards or paper handy to simply write what I called out to them, and then I took notes on the recording sheets.

If your interested in these templates for assessing primary grades, you can click here to download them at my TpT store for FREE!

Let me know how you liked using these, and if there is anything you would like to see added for a quarter two assessment (or even materials for another grade level!)

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